What’s the benefit of an exclusive Freeroll?

The most commonly asked question by affiliates outside of I want more commissions and need upfront payment is ‘can you offer an exclusive free roll to my members?’ If I got a dollar for every time that question is asked I would be a millionaire in a matter of weeks.

Free rolls do work when used correctly, but when used incorrectly can damage the potential of affiliates referring those all important depositing players, and catching that whale.  Why?  the reason free rolls can be harmful to your site is that they are sometimes offered to frequently on websites and the good poker players do not want to be capped on their winnings, nor find free rolls useful so they simply stop visiting your website.   So some of the best free roll are offered less frequent and on websites which offer advice on poker strategies and game play.

When free rolls are presented correctly on a website they can be amazing and do help give your players the opportunity to trial the poker room before depositing.  If you want to have success by offering a free roll, private tournament I advise you take a few of the following steps.

Partner yourself with a respected and established brand that offers free rolls rarely.  This means when a free roll is offered your players do want to be part of it and will do anything to get in as it is so hard to find.

Before issuing the code for players to join the free roll collect some data from your visitors such as email address, name with the ability to future market to them through emails etc.  This also helps you keep track on which players are playing on the free roll as most poker affiliate programs restrict what details you see from the players you refer.

Go for quality when offering a free roll to your members rather than quantity.  As weird as it sounds your site visitors are going to respect you more if you limit those who you offer free rolls to rather than making it widely available for everyone.  Once you have decided on who can play in the free roll then send them a personalized invite also explaining the benefits of joining that poker room to show you have taken effort in selecting a quality poker room to partner with.

Free rolls are fun and free so when running them you should expect your actual signup to depositor conversion to drop drastically.  You can limit the drop a little by being selective who you offer private free rolls to and giving your visitors a reason to deposit at the poker room.

Finally take advantage of free rolls offered by networks and rooms for their members if you can not come to an agreement for a free roll with a decent poker room.

This article was written by Simon Eaton the affiliate manager for the bet365 poker affiliate program.

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